Lirik Lagu Pandji Pragiwaksono The Comeback

Assalamualaikum people do welcome me back
I aint no terroris / be cool / i aint gonna attack
Im a moslem and especialy Indonesian.

We dont do stupid things man / we're to proud for that
So back /to back / to back
You can call it Threepeat or Hattrick but thats the fact
Dont miss me too long coz every year i'll comeback
You can hack my account /never my brain/ not that
Im a / goldren rettriever i dont bite back
If you growl / i'll smile / u need a bag for that?
Im like Jordan/ who one day went away
He did all sorts of stuff and baseball (hooray)
And then he played one on one with armstrong BJ
Next thing you know/ he shocked the world in two words 'Im Back'
So the league he attacked/ went three peat after that/ Businesss good for David Stern
Coz everybody loves a comeback

Down and out and told to go
Told to sit on the further row
Down and out and told to go. Got to go Got to go
Grindin hard and strife for gold
Hustle hard and hustle more
Grindin hard and strife for gold
Thats fo sho, thats fo sho

Muhammad Ali / world champion / top of the world
Lost his title / got sent to the end of the world
No title no problem/ swagger on control
Back to the gym/ and let the punches roll
Foreman/ young man/ trapped him back on ropes
One hook / One Straight / young man knocked ice cold
First ever comesback/ and its over folks
At 32 / again he shook off the world
And now im back for you boys and girls
So i can add more songs for Soulnation thrills
3rd album packed with stuffs that'll make u chill
Open ur mind and heart and let ur mind be filled

Patriotism 2.0 / in stereo
Provocative album thrice in a row
And if u think its whack/ lemme ponder that/ get back to the lab
Coz Everybody loves a comeback


What doesnt kills you makes you stronger
If u survived/ ur meant to make a comeback
In your return be faster and harder
Defeat feels whack /but we know nothing feels better than a comeback

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Pandji Pragiwaksono

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