Lirik Lagu Devildice In The Arms Of The Angel

In the arms of the angel
It will last forever it will never end
All this pretty feelings nothings bleeding dying
Hit the candles out
I can touch the stars from your eyes and the moon stabs the sky
Theres a bridge to my heart
And Im wondering why
Ill be the one on the floor
Begging right on my knees now
Cuz when youre gone
Heavens so far away

In the arms of the angel dagger stab right through me
Tattooed deep inside
Some say theres no heaven
Down with Armageddon
This man wont step back
Coz I see hope in your eyes
Faith in all universe
Bring the devil to white
Dont you ever be scared
And for all galaxy
I just want you to stay
Now coz when youre gone heavens so far away

In the arms of the angel I feel so small
Drowned in my sins for a thousand year
Rest of my life Ill be there with you
This is the end like it always true

My angel dont ever fall down
Fly away
Your golden wings
Tears when they fall to the ground
Far away
From faded!

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Devildice

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